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Shipping (U.S.) $7.95, FREE with a $75+ order
Shipping (U.S.) $7.95, FREE with a $75+ order

Aquarelle Watercolor Paint Set

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36 Colors

Discover the vibrant world of Yasutomo Niji Aquarelle, the crown jewel of Yasutomo's offerings and their #1 bestseller. This exquisite 36 Color Watercolor Palette invites artists, designers, students, and crafters alike into a realm of unparalleled brilliance and creativity. Each of the 36 watercolors in this set illuminates your canvas with a dazzling array of colors that dry to a unique matte finish, setting them apart from traditional watercolors and adding a distinct texture and depth to your artwork.

Designed with the creator in mind, each round tray in this palette is filled with a generous amount of water-soluble color, crafted to dissolve effortlessly in water for a smooth, easy application. The thoughtful design extends to the lid, which doubles as a mixing palette, allowing for the seamless blending of hues to achieve the perfect shade for your masterpiece.

The packaging is just as practical as it is artistic, featuring a convenient removable tab for easy hanging and storage. Safety and quality are paramount, as evidenced by the AP non-toxic certification and conformity to ASTM D-4326 standards, ensuring that your creative journey is not only vibrant but also safe.

The Yasutomo Niji Aquarelle 36 Color Watercolor Palette is more than just a set of paints; it's a gateway to exploration and expression, a tool that brings your vision to life in the most vivid colors imaginable. Whether you're capturing the subtle nuances of a landscape, designing a piece that speaks volumes without saying a word, or crafting a project that showcases your unique skills, this palette is your companion on a journey of endless possibility and color.