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Shipping (U.S.) $7.95, FREE with a $75+ order
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NIJI Pearlescent Watercolor Paint

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21 Colors

Step into a world where your artistry can truly shimmer with the Yasutomo Niji Pearlescent 21 Color Watercolor Palette, a cherished favorite among the Yasutomo community. This palette is your key to unlocking a spectrum of luminescent possibilities, offering 21 pearlescent watercolors that transform ordinary projects into radiant masterpieces. Whether used on their own or blended with other water-based media, these colors promise to elevate your work with stunning, eye-catching effects.

Crafted to rival even the most premium pearlescent watercolors, this palette boasts highly pigmented hues that glide onto your canvas, offering brilliance and depth with every stroke. The magic doesn't just lie in the colors themselves but in their capacity to bring a dazzling pearlescent sheen to your creations, making them stand out with an ethereal glow.

Convenience meets elegance in the palette's design, featuring a portable hinged case that is as functional as it is sleek. This thoughtful packaging ensures that your artistic journey is boundless, enabling you to capture inspiration wherever it strikes, from the tranquility of your studio to the bustling surroundings of the great outdoors.

The Yasutomo Niji Pearlescent 21 Color Watercolor Palette isn't just a set of paints; it's a treasure trove of creative potential, waiting to imbue your artwork with a glow that is both mesmerizing and unique. Embrace the opportunity to transform your visions into glowing realities, and let your art shine like never before.


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