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Shipping (U.S.) $7.95, FREE with a $75+ order
Shipping (U.S.) $7.95, FREE with a $75+ order

Sunflower Wax Seal

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Step into the warm embrace of autumn with the Sunflower Wax Seal Stamp from our Serenade of Autumn Collection. This exquisite piece combines the rustic charm of a wooden handle with the timeless elegance of a brass stamp, crowned with the joyful bloom of a sunflower. The sunflower, in all its radiant glory, spans the entire one-inch round stamp, symbolizing warmth, positivity, and the bountiful harvest of autumn.

This seal is not just a tool; it's an invitation to infuse your letters, invitations, and creative projects with a touch of nature's beauty and the joy that sunflowers bring. The sight of a sunflower seal on an envelope or project is like receiving a sunbeam in tangible form, a sweet reminder of sunny days and the simple pleasures in life.

Perfect for anyone who wishes to add a personal, heartfelt touch to their correspondence or crafts, the Sunflower Wax Seal Stamp is a beacon of happiness and a celebration of the vibrant spirit of autumn. Let every seal you create with this stamp be a reflection of warmth, cheer, and the unwavering optimism that sunflowers stand for.